Calendar Accessibility

The State Support Team Region 1 is striving to make its websites accessible for all users. The events that took place in the past will not be updated, as they have concluded; past events are included as a reference only. The following updates and changes are being made to current and new content on this calendar site.

The most accessible view for this calendar is the stream view (internal link). The events that took place in the past will not be updated, as they have concluded. They are included as a reference only.

The text on pages can be translated using the Google Translate app. Some browsers and applications can aid with translations, too. These include Google Chrome, which has a translate extension; Firefox which has several translation add ons, notably S3.Google Translator and Google Translator for Firefox; and Opera, which has Google™ Translator by Sarahavilov. Non-text files such as those created in Adobe Portable Document Format or Microsoft Office formats cannot be translated using this app.

Users can view this website in high contrast or grayscale. Fonts can be enlarged for greater readability. If users prefer to hear text spoken, they can listen to the text on all pages. The exception to this is non-text content, such as embedded documents or graphic elements. For these, alternatives are provided as noted below.

Embedded documents include an alternative download link to enable users to access the content on their own device. PDF files can be accessed with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software. Microsoft Office files can be viewed in several ways: if the user has Microsoft Office installed; if the user uses a free, open source software program that can open these files, such as Apache Open Office or LibreOffice; or if the user downloads the file and uploads the file in Google Docs. For details on how PDF files can be translated to text for screen readers, visit access.adobe.comAdobe Reader X Accessibility, or Acrobat X Pro.

Pages have been evaluated with the online WAVE Accessibility Validator. To assist those using a screen reader, aria labels and alternative text have been added.

As always, if you have questions or comments about the State Support Team Region 1 website or need assistance with web content, please email the webmaster or call 800-346-8495 for assistance.