Initial SWIS Training

October 24, 2019 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
State Support Team 1 Computer Lab
2275 Collingwood Blvd
Toledo, OH 43620
State Support Team 1


Participants will learn how to enter their school information into the School-Wide Information System (SWIS) application. Participants will also practice entering office discipline referral information. This two-hour session is facilitated by Tamie Cruz, M.A. Initial SWIS Training is offered in the State Support Team Region 1 computer lab. Two contact hours [2] are available.

Note: Participants must bring an approved office discipline referral form and have a license for SWIS.


About the School-Wide Information System (SWIS)

The SWIS Suite is a reliable, confidential, web-based information system to collect, summarize, and use student behavior data for decision making. Research tells us educators can make more effective and efficient decisions when they have the right data in the right form at the right time. SWIS provides school personnel with the information they need to be successful decision makers.

Through SWIS, office discipline referrals are entered online by two to four trained staff members. The data are summarized to provide information about individual students, groups of students, or the entire student body over any time period.

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