Teaching Decoding to Adolescent Readers Series

April 8, 2021 @ 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Rachel Lang Daniels

Ohio’s Adolescent Literacy Specialists and Literacy Leads are offering a variety of virtual professional learning opportunities throughout the spring.

Building and district administrators, educators, instructional coaches, teacher leaders, and consultants are encouraged to review the offerings and attend the sessions most applicable to their work.

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Training Summary:

The Simple View of Reading is a widely accepted model that explains reading has two essential components: word recognition (decoding) and language comprehension. Both domains are necessary for proficient reading, and neither on its own is sufficient. Many adolescent readers have not developed the word recognition skills required to be proficient readers in their content courses. This series will explore ways to teach adolescent readers to decode and use those decoding skills to comprehend complex texts. Participants are encouraged to attend all parts of the series.


Session 1 – April 8

Participants will learn the six types of syllables found in English orthography, why it’s important to teach syllables and the sequence in which students learn about both spoken and written syllables.

Registration Deadline: April 7

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Session 2 – April 15

Morphology is the study of meaningful language units, called morphemes, and how they combine into words. Participants will learn about the meaningful relationships and origins of words, including how they sound and are spelled, their morphological structure, and how this contributes to vocabulary knowledge and reading comprehension.

Registration Deadline: April 14

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Session 3 – April 29

Skilled readers decode words efficiently and almost effortlessly. However, readers who have not internalized this process struggle when faced with unfamiliar words. Syllable division rules give readers strategies to decode multisyllabic words. In this session, participants will learn basic principles for  syllabication and teach students to use them when encountering an unfamiliar word.

Registration Deadline: April 28

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