Principal Leadership Cohort Series

Principal Leadership Cohort


Series Description

The Principal Leadership Cohort will address the needs of principals who want to increase their skills and become stronger instructional leaders within their buildings. Through targeted professional development and on site leadership coaching, principals will be given the tools and resources needed to fully implement inclusive instructional practices in their building that will improve results for each child, including those with disabilities and other challenges to learning.

Principals will receive a copy of the book Everyday Courage for School Leaders, by Cathy Lassiter, Ed.D. (Corwin).

Each month principals will be exposed to topics that include shared leadership, inclusive instructional practices, Universal Design for Learning, and instructional rounds. Opportunities for peer-to-peer facilitated discussion, sharing, and problem solving will be part of every session.

At the end of this series principals will

  • gain knowledge of how to engage staff deeply in the process of identifying and deploying evidence-based instructional practices;
  • develop and use school non-negotiables to set specific achievement targets for all classrooms and students;
  • complete an Inclusive Leadership Rubric on inclusive leadership practices, providing feedback, and setting goals for themselves;
  • be able to match evidence-based instructional strategies to opportunities for growth in each student’s learning; and
  • gain knowledge/experience from their peers throughout Region 1.


Dates & Location

This series will take place on October 23, November 28, and December 18,* 2018; January 23, (this session was cancelled), February 27, March 21,* and May 7, 2019. The sessions will be from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Educational Service Center of Lake Erie West, located at 2275 Collingwood Blvd., in Toledo, Ohio. Contact hours are available per meeting.


Special Presentations

The December 18, 2018, session includes a keynote and presentation by Brandon Doubek, Ed.D., president of EdSuccess, LLC, and senior partner of Creative Leadership Solutions.

The March 21, 2019, session includes a keynote and presentation by Cathy Lassiter, Ed.D., author and consultant with the AEI Speakers Bureau.


Principal Leadership Cohort Blog

Principals will have a secure blog site to post questions, network, share resources and information, and respond to learning activities.


Educational Service Center of Lake Erie West


The Educational Service Center of Lake Erie West is located at 2275 Collingwood Boulevard in Toledo, Ohio. A map with directions to this location is embedded below and available online.