Teachers as Instructional Leaders: Clarity as a Catalyst for Learning

Teachers as Instructional Leaders


The State Support Team Region 1 is pleased to sponsor Teachers as Instructional Leaders: Clarity as a Catalyst for Learning, presented by Cathy J. Lassiter, Ed.D. Offered on two separate dates, this training is for K-12 teachers who serve on Teacher-Based and Building-Based Leadership Teams as well as other teacher leaders to select and implement high-leverage instructional strategies that foster students’ deeper learning.

Photo of Cathy J. Lassiter, Ed.D.Dr. Lassiter will explain the major findings in Visible Learning research and discuss with participants the impact of this research on their work in the classroom.

Participants will have hands-on experience in deconstructing sample Ohio standards to analyze their essential rigor, skills, and concepts, and develop learning targets and success criteria. Participants will create sample pre-assessments aligned to the standard and learning target. As teacher clarity develops, the focus will turn to student clarity and building assessment capable learners.

Six essential characteristics will be examined and team discussions will be held to plan classroom implementation. The session will include cooperative work, meetings, and sharing.

Principals will have a dedicated leadership session at the end of the day to provide support and answer questions regarding the work of the Building Leadership Team (BLT) in supporting and monitoring clarity work implementation.

Please note: The deadline to order books for this session has past. Registrations are still being accepted for the September 25 or September 26, 2018, session; however, books are no longer available.

Session Information


Participants will attend the September 25 or 26 session at the Educational Service Center of Lake Erie West, located at 2275 Collingwood Blvd., in Toledo, Ohio. Participant sign in begins at 8:00 a.m. The session is from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. for teachers; 8:30 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. for principals. The session offers five and one-half [5.5] contact hours for teachers; six and one-fourth [6.25] contact hours for principals. Lunch is not provided at either session.


Please email questions to the State Support Team Region 1 or call 800-346-8495.

Location Map & Directions

The Educational Service Center of Lake Erie West is located at 2275 Collingwood Blvd., in Toledo, Ohio.


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