Regional Literacy Leaders Network

The State Support Team Region 1 is sponsoring the Regional Literacy Leaders Network. Through this format, district literacy leaders will participant in two half-day professional learning opportunities while having the ability to network with leaders across the region. The focus of this literacy leadership cohort is to take a “deeper dive” into the science of reading (birth to age 5 and beyond) as well as family/community engagement.

This professional learning will help to change adult practice by providing knowledge and supports to district and school leaders. Learning includes best practice around the current research surrounding the way children learn to read as well as family and community partnerships. Instructional practices will benefit all children, including those with disabilities.

Each session has a specific focus such as looking at the simple view of reading alongside Scarborough’s Rope with supports and resources to support instruction in classrooms. Engaging early childhood classrooms in the instructional practices surrounding awareness and knowledge of print. Culminating with family and community partnerships.

The professional learning series will address evidence-based instructional practices surrounding the current research on how all children learn to read, including students with disabilities. It will specifically address ways to support children in early childhood classrooms as it relates to print awareness. Family and community engagement learning will strive to support district leaders in developing a plan to create a bridge so all voices are represented and heard to support student success.

The series consists of two sessions*: February 21 and May 13, 2020.


Individual Session Descriptions

February 21 – Crossing the Bridge Between Literacy Research and Practice

This session offers a review of the Simple View of Reading (Gough & Tunmer, 1986) and new information specific to the stands of Scarborough’s Rope (Scarborough, 2001). Participants will begin to understanding the research behind the science of reading, that learning to read is the first step toward improved literacy, and how leaders of literacy instruction support teachers and remove barriers to learning. Participants will discover what resources align to each area and how to align this to our current curriculum.

Note: This session will be presented by Deborah Nagel, M.A.


May 13 – Family and Community Engagement

Family and community engagement is a key school improvement strategy and is a critical part of helping students achieve academic success. Frameworks provide districts and schools guidance for developing family and community engagement plans within their existing continuous improvement plans, addressing the varied needs of families and their children.

Note: This session will be presented by Deborah Nagel, M.A., and Jackie Jacoby, M.Ed.


Registration Information

This event is for a predetermined audience. Registration is not open to outside attendance. A second cohort will be offered during the 2020-2021 school year. Questions regarding the content should be directed to Deborah Nagel.


*The March 20, 2020, session was cancelled.