Refreshments, Snacks & Meals & Personal Comfort

Refreshments, Snacks & Meals are Not Provided


A school lunch tray with milk, next to a pile of books on a cafeteria table

Please note that food and beverages are not provided during state-sponsored presentations. This is state policy and applies to all sessions sponsored by the State Support Team Region 1 and Ohio Department of Education.

If you wish to bring beverages and food supplies to training sessions, you may do so only when the event is taking place at the State Support Team’s Toledo location; other locations may have restrictions.

Ample time is provided for lunch during all-day presentations.



Accommodating Temperature Preferences


dogs wearing shirts, lying in the shade

Polar Vortex? Semi-tropical rain forest? Sun-parched desert? We’ve all been there!

We recommend dressing in layers when attending State Support Team 1 events so that you can make comfort adjustments as individual preferences and room temperatures vary.